Semi-Washed - Green by Monte Alegre Review |
  • Monte Alegre

  • Semi-Washed - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: February 1998
Origin: Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Virtually everyone had something positive to say about the aroma of this delicate, semi-dry-processed coffee: caramelly, vanilla-like, nutty. However, the comments dwindled thereafter, which supports my assessment: lively, complex nose, but no development. Solid consensus on body (medium) and acidity (soft as usual). Only two hints of fault: one cupper, who otherwise liked the coffee, found the aftertaste slightly medicinal. I thought I detected a slight grassiness in both aroma and aftertaste.

Notes: The aroma is delicate, caramelly, vanilla-like and nutty. However, no development in the cup, medium body, soft acidity. G270 Processed by the semi-dry method (the outer skin of the coffee fruit and most of the pulp is removed mechanically from the beans or seeds before they are dried).

Who Should Drink It: Medium body, soft acidity, lively nose, almost no faults but (same story) not much power either.


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