Tanzanian Gombe Reserve by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Review | CoffeeReview.com
Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: June 2007
Origin: Kigoma growing region, western Tanzania. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Dominated throughout the profile by crisp, complex dry berry notes (think blackberries and cedar) with deep, sweet undercurrents of honey and chocolate that emerge with particular clarity as the cup cools. The tart berry notes also carry suggestions of dry, light-bodied red table wines.

Notes: This coffee is offered in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute, the organization founded by animal researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall to support ongoing research into chimpanzee behavior and protect chimpanzees and their habitats. The 2,700 members of the Kalinzi cooperative that produced this superb coffee live on the boundaries of the Gombe Reserve, the national park that protects the threatened habitat of the chimpanzees. This coffee, originally reviewed packaged as part of Green Mountain's "Special Reserve" series, is now offered as single-origin Tanzanian Gombe Reserve. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is one of the country's leading specialty roasters, offering a particularly wide-ranging variety of origins and roast styles. Visit www.greenmountaincoffee.com or call 800-223-6768 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: If the best Kenyas are cabernets, this is a very nice merlot. Any way your palate construes it, the farmers and the chimpanzees get a good deal.


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