Decaf Espresso Roast by Don Francisco's Gourmet Coffee Review |
Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: March 2007
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Lush in flavor but slightly lean in body and presence. Elegant blueberry- and chocolate-toned nose with a hint of cedar. In the small cup medium-bodied with a touch of sweet acidity and continued berry, cedar and dark chocolate notes. A bit thin-presenced in milk, though the sneakily persistent dark-chocolate, cherry-brandy opulence stays around nicely.

Notes: Don Francisco's is the upscale specialty coffee line of F. Gavina & Sons, the large, family-owned-and-operated roasting company in the Los Angeles area. Don Francisco's is named after Francisco Gavina, the Cuban-born father of the Gavina clan. Visit or call 800-428-4627 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: An elegantly exotic straight-shot and short-milk espresso.


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