Detroit St. Decaf by Zingerman's Coffee Review |
  • Zingerman's Coffee

    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Detroit St. Decaf

Roast: Dark Review Date: March 2007
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A versatile espresso with a pungent authority that should serve particularly well in big milk drinks. Slightly spicy, apricot- or mango-toned fruit in the deeply sweet-impressioned aroma. In the small cup displays full, syrupy body and a rather opulently sweet, chocolate-toned richness with a balancing cedar pungency. Slight astringency in the long finish. In milk rounds and blossoms nicely but dominates with semi-sweet chocolate authority and a slight but discernible astringent edge in the finish.

Notes: A single-origin, high-grown Guatemala coffee designed for both espresso and drip/French- press brewing. Zingerman's Coffee is a relatively new specialty roasting company associated with Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, praised as "one of the top 25 food markets in the world" by Food & Wine magazine. It offers a relatively small but sensitively sourced and roasted menu of specialty coffees. Visit or call 734-929-6060 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Pungent, full-bodied and robust, this high-grown single-origin decaffeinated dark roast should hold its own in larger quantities of milk and sweetener.


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