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  • Armeno Coffee

    Northborough, Massachusetts
  • Yuletide Mocha-Java Decaf

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: January 1998
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Everything happens in the higher registers here, and a lot does. A wonderful, dry/sweet complex, almost effervescent, lifts the heart of this light, bright coffee. An amazing range of grace notes shimmer in the higher registers: dry chocolate, herb, even a suggestion of vanilla in the finish. I had to strain to find a hint of Red Sea gaminess amid all the aromatic action; it may have shown up in the long, subtly complex aftertaste. Hard to believe so much complexity made it through the decaffeination process. Perhaps a good Yemen coffee is so intense that the muting effect of decaffeination actually helps by mellowing it a bit.

Notes: A decaf coffee with a wonderful dry / sweet, complex, almost effervescent heart. An amazing range of grace notes: dry chocolate, herb, vanilla. Retained a light, bright, yet complex character through the decaffeination process. The Mocha is a Yemen Sanani; Sanani refers to coffees grown in the mountains surrounding the capital city of San'a, particularly the mountains to the west of San'a. The "Java" is a Sumatra. Both were decaffeinated by the European process, involving use o

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of light, bright profiles who want some character in their bottomless, caffeine-free cup.


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