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  • Zoka Coffee Roasters

    Seattle, Washington
  • El Salvador Montenegro

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: December 2006
Origin: El Salvador Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Cocoa and caramel aroma. Blazing acidity, dark chocolate and caramel, regal balance. A nicely conducted, relatively light roast makes this balanced but assertive coffee particularly well-suited for vacuum pot and drip brewing.

Notes: A prize winner in the 2006 El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition, where as a green (unroasted) coffee it placed fifth out of hundreds of entries, attracting a score of 91.13 from an international jury. Produced from trees of the Bourbon variety at an elevation of approximately 4,600 feet by farmer Oscar Maga?a on the Montenegro farm. Zoka is a leading small-batch roaster specializing in espresso blends and espresso education. Visit www.zokacoffee.com or call 206-545-4313 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of bright, bracing medium-roasted coffees.


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