Decaffeinated Guatemala by Ancora Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Ancora Coffee Roasters

    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Decaffeinated Guatemala

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: August 1997
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The acidity is pronounced, although more fruity and sweet than dry and brisk. Distinct chocolate tones nuance the fruit. The chocolate turns darkly prune-like in the finish, and lingers sweetly in the aftertaste. An attractive and ingratiating coffee, although the rather heavy body remains curiously inert under all the sweetness.

Notes: An attractive coffee, with a heavy body and sweet acidity. Decaffeinated by the European process, involving use of methylene chloride.

Who Should Drink It: People who want their Guatemala chocolaty, the way coffee myth says it should be. Chocolate tones are said to be a distinguishing characteristic of the classic Antigua coffees, not Huehuetenangos like this one from northwestern Guatemala, but here it is.


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