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  • Rocamojo

    Los Angeles, California
  • Original Blend

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: September 2006
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: (Pre-ground coffee and roasted soy) The aroma is rich, rather deep, with notes that suggest a nut-toned chocolate. In the cup, however, an intense, rather cloying sweetness overlays an equally intense astringency, complicated by woody nut notes, unsalted peanuts perhaps.

Notes: All ingredients in this pre-ground blend of coffee and roasted soy are certified organically grown. The addition of roasted soy is intended to reduce caffeine and acidity. "Coffeeonly ... better," reads the can; "Reduced acid, smoother taste." Rocamojo also produces flavored versions of its soy/coffee blend, organic coffees under its "Wild" label, plus a coffee alternative consisting entirely of roasted soy. Visit www.rocamojo.com for more information.

Who Should Drink It: I'm not sure. To my taste, good decaffeinated coffees and coffees treated in their green state to reduce acidity are better-tasting choices for those coffee drinkers who want to enjoy coffee with reduced acidity and/or caffeine.


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