African Summer Blend by Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery Review |
  • Caffe Pronto Coffee Roastery

    Annapolis, Maryland
  • African Summer Blend

Roast: Medium Review Date: July 2006
Origin: East Africa. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An exciting coffee that disappoints in the finish. Ken (88) was more forgiving than co-cupper Danny O'Neill (83), who sums up: "Bright and clean in the nose, this coffee's lusciously thick and smooth body rounds its slightly fruity, almost wine-like, acidity. Sweet honey and fruit flavors become sharp and ... astringent in the long finish." Perhaps the dry-processed Ethiopias in this blend are last year's crop, with their explosive aromatics too faded to compensate for an underlying mildly astringent structure.

Notes: Caffe Pronto is a cafe-roastery and an espresso bar with a mission that emphasizes quality and service. Visit or call 888-697-7667 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who don't hesitate in life or in coffee.


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