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  • Black Apron Exclusive Kopi Kampung Sulawesi

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: June 2006
Origin: Toraja growing region, southwestern Sulawesi, Indonesia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Very sweet-toned, quietly complex aroma: smoke, semi-sweet chocolate and tart berryish fruit notes. Little of the aromatic complexity survives in the lean-bodied cup, only wisps of nut and crisp, smoky chocolate that fade quickly in the finish, leaving behind faint sweetness and a muted astringency.

Notes: The small-holding tribal growers of the Toraja region of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi produce coffees that, even more than the coffees of the neighboring island of Sumatra, typically express an earthy, often spicy, sometimes forest-floor character encouraged by unorthodox fruit removal and drying processes. This is number three in Starbucks' 2006 Black Apron Exclusives line of distinctive seasonally available coffees. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Cautious explorers. This is Sulawesi light, with only hints of the quirky, earthy intrigue of this origin.


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