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    Durham, North Carolina
  • Bolivia Carrasco Pica del Tucan

Roast: Medium Review Date: June 2006
Origin: Carrasco growing region, Bolivia Price: $13.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: The attraction of this coffee is a structure both powerful and elegant: richly and roundly acidy, with silky-verging-on-syrupy mouthfeel, fundamental sweetness, and ringing depth of sensation. The wispy hints of chocolate, cherry and cedar are a bonus. Reader Mike Venditto's nomination of a Counter Culture coffee was not available, so we substituted this rather similar Bolivia.

Notes: A prize winner in the 2005 Bolivia Cup of Excellence competition, where as a green (unroasted) coffee it placed 14th out of hundreds of entries. Counter Culture Coffee is a small-batch wholesale specialty roaster with a particularly informative and lively website and youthful, enthusiastic leadership. Visit or call 888-238-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who admire classic strength and flawless clarity.


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