Beemer's Papua New Guinea by Island Joe's Gourmet Coffee Review |
  • Island Joe's Gourmet Coffee

    Key West, Florida
  • Beemer's Papua New Guinea

Roast: Medium Review Date: March 2006
Origin: Highlands of Papua New Guinea Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Delicate aroma with softly pungent cedar and sweet tomato notes. In the cup gently and crisply acidy, with distinct floral notes and coffee fruit that reads as a tart, chocolate-toned cherry. A simple but very pure coffee expression.

Notes: Joe Wells started his small-batch roasting business in a gas station because no one else in his part of the Florida Keys sold fresh-roasted coffee. His son Beemer contributed to developing the profile for this nicely roasted single-origin Papua New Guinea. Visit or call 305-294-1190 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A soft, sweetly fruit-and-floral-toned version of the classic American breakfast cup.


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