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    Spring Grove, Illinois
  • Colombian Los Idolos

Roast: Medium Review Date: February 2006
Origin: San Agustin growing region, Huila Department, southern Colombia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A contradictory but balanced profile: The sweetly winy acidity is rounded by a cedar-toned roastiness, with raisin, apple, semi-sweet chocolate and caramel complications. Raisin is particularly prominent in the deep, gently roasty aroma, chocolate in the finish.

Notes: Los Idolos, named for the pre-Colombian stone carvings in the San Agustin region where this coffee originates, is produced with the support of ACDI/VOCA, a USAID-funded program aimed at promoting the production of high-end specialty coffees by small-holding farmers who might otherwise be forced to resort of growing coca. Coffee Masters is a leading, quality-oriented wholesale roaster founded in 1985. Visit or call 800-334-6485 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Sensory centrists.


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