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  • Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee

    Reno, Nevada
  • Costa Rica Tres Rios

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 2006
Origin: Tres Rios growing region, near San Jose, central Costa Rica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A big, deep, simple gesture of a coffee. Roundly resonant aroma with fresh-cut cedar and semi-sweet chocolate notes. Reveals a slight bitter edge in the cup, but remains fundamentally deep, rich and full-bodied, complicated by continuing cedar and raisin-toned dark chocolate notes.

Notes: Tres Rios, on the outskirts of the Costa Rican capital San Jose, is one of the classic Costa Rican growing regions. The Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company roasts, of course, on a machine that uses oak wood as a heat source. Nominated by reader Matt Mathavorn. Visit or call 775-856-2033 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those whose aesthetic runs toward understated richness.


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