Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu SHB Peaberry by Remy Sol Coffee Review |
  • Remy Sol Coffee

    Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu SHB Peaberry

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: August 2005
Origin: Tarrazu growing region, Central Costa Rica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma displays a fruit complicated by aromatic wood tones that co-cupper Rodger Owen associated with pine and Ken with cedar. The body is light, the mouthfeel bordering on thin, the flavor delicate and tartly sweet, with sustained aromatic wood notes. Both Ken and Rodger found the finish clean, simple and rather short.

Notes: Peaberries result when the coffee fruit develops only a single, oval bean rather than the usual pair of flat-sided beans. Peaberries produce a somewhat different (often better) cup than normal beans from the same crop, from which they may or may not be separated during grading. Remy Sol Coffee is unusual in that it is not only grown and processed at origin, but also roasted and shipped by a cooperative of small-holding farmers located in the Tarrazu growing region of Costa Rica. The U.S. end of the business is organized by an idealistic couple, Jeff Furchtenicht and Kim Sleder, who plan to use part of the proceeds to support organizations like their first partner, Homies Unidos, which works to reduce violence through programs that benefit at-risk and gang youth in Los Angeles? Pico Union and Koreatown neighborhoods. Visit or call 805-878-5005 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who are both generous and stop to smell the cedar.


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