Kenya AA Nyeri Fine Cup by Ancora Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Ancora Coffee Roasters

    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Kenya AA Nyeri Fine Cup

Roast: Dark Review Date: July 2005
Origin: Kenya Price: $14.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: An essay in the difference between acidic and acidy, this commandingly dry coffee does not display a glimmer of sharpness. Tremendous range and complexity in the aroma: dry berry, high-toned cedar, orange, chocolate. The dry berry, orange and chocolate notes carry into the cup with crisp richness and fade into the finish without a hint of astringency.

Notes: Despite national coffee leadership marred by confusion and apparent corruption, Kenya cooperatives continue to produce some of the world's most elegant and distinctive coffees. AA is the highest grade of Kenya coffee based on bean size. Ancora Coffee is a wholesale and retail roaster and local cafe chain that emphasizes its commitment to "small-batch artisan roasting." Visit or call 800-260-0217 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Anyone who wants to know why acidy is such a positive word in coffee.


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