Decaf French Roast Blend by Orleans Coffee Exchange Review |
  • Orleans Coffee Exchange

    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Decaf French Roast Blend

Roast: Dark Review Date: June 2005
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Pungent and smoky throughout the profile, with some suggestions of semi-sweet chocolate, cedar and rosemary. In the cup the mouthfeel is lightly and pleasantly astringent, bracing rather than bitter or heavy.

Notes: No decaffeination method is noted on the package, which probably means this coffee was decaffeinated by the conventional or direct solvent method. Orleans Coffee Exchange is a quality-oriented wholesale roaster that bills itself "New Orleans Premier Micro-Roaster Since 1983." Visit or call 800-737-5464 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy dark roasts but avoid bitterness.


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