Finca Buenos Aires Medium Roast Decaffeinated by Cafe Sunrise Review |
  • Cafe Sunrise

    Villanueva, Honduras
  • Finca Buenos Aires Medium Roast Decaffeinated

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: May 2005
Origin: Honduras Price: NA

Blind Assessment: In the aroma shallow in sensation but pleasantly sweet with orange- and aromatic-wood notes. The cup is sweet, delicate, complicated by orange and a hint of milk chocolate but shadowed by flat, woody undertones. Sweet, clean short finish, but in the long the woody, flat undercurrents resurface.

Notes: Health angle: According to the bag copy, a patented "Healthy Roast" process retains "100% of the antioxidants naturally occurring in the bean." A patent search discloses that the "Healthy Roast" process involves soaking the green beans in a liquid which preserves antioxidant polyphenols that may be lost during roasting. This antioxidant-charged liquid is then used to cool or quench the same beans after roasting, presumably restoring the antioxidants in the liquid to the roasted coffee. A single-estate coffee grown, roasted and packaged in Honduras. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A delicate, summery sort of decaffeinated coffee.


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