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  • The Sensuous Bean

    New York, New York
  • Zimbabwe

Roast: Medium Review Date: February 2005
Origin: Chipinge growing region, eastern Zimbabwe Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A potentially fine coffee compromised by mild mildew tones probably picked up during storage. The aroma is flat, potatoey and faded. In the cup, however, sweet, lushly winy tones compete with the musty hardness, a combination that some coffee drinkers may find attractive. The finish is rich and clean.

Notes: Historically Zimbabwe has been the premier coffee origin of southern Africa, admired for its moderately acidy, sweetly fruity coffees. At this writing, however, (February 2005) social and economic disruptions provoked by the controversial policies of President Robert Mugabe and international reaction to those policies may be threatening the quality and consistency of Zimbabwe coffee, although I suspect the mild mildew taint displayed by this sample is a symptom of too long a time in the warehouse; this is almost certainly last year's crop. The Sensuous Bean is an award-winning boutique coffee roaster and tea seller located on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Visit www.sensuousbean.com or call 800-238-6845 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy the earthy, musty tones in some Sumatra coffees.


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