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Bunn My Café MCP

The Bunn My Café (www.bunn.com) line of pod brewing machines is available in two models, one for individual home use, the Pourover (MCP), which is reviewed here, and the Automatic (MCA), which can be plumbed to a water line, eliminating the need to manually refill the water reservoir. Both brewers come with drawer-style pod holders compatible for pods ranging in size from 45mm to 61mm. With a suggested retail price of $245.00, the My Café can also be found on the Internet for prices ranging from $194.00 to $230.00.

Serving Size and Reservoir Capacity

Removable 46 oz. water reservoir with an easy-slide lid for refilling. The My Café's control panel employs a sliding control tab that allows for brewing cups ranging from 4 oz. to 12 oz.

Coffee-Pod Size and Format

The My Café pod holders are constructed to accommodate coffee pod sizes ranging from 45 mm to 61 mm in diameter, in other words, the full range of paper-format pod sizes. The My Café brewers come with two same-size pod holders (one for use with flavored drinks and one for use with non-flavored, for example) designed to fit its distinctive drawer-style pod holder.

Machine Quality and Ease of Use

Priming and using the machine for its initial brew was surprisingly simple and straightforward. The machine is a sturdy blend of plastic and metal. Though it doesn't have an adjustable height feature for brewing different sized cups, it is tall enough for use with most mug sizes, including travel-sized mugs. The control panel is easy to use and allows for brewing both coffee and tea drinks as well as specialty coffee drinks. The pod holders are released by pressing a Pod Holder Release Button and fit securely into place with an audible "click" when reinserted. The brewer is ready to brew in about 2 minutes after being turned on and brews a beverage in about 30 seconds.

Range and Availability of Coffees

Bunn does not market a line of pods for use with its My Café brewers. Instead, its generously versatile pod holders are designed to be used with all three sizes of paper-formatted pods currently available on the market. This universality allows the user an open field in choosing which pods to brew. (Keep in mind, however, that we are referring to paper-format pods, not to the specialized capsules, filterpacks, discs, etc. used by the Keurig, Flavia and Brain/Tassimo systems.) The My Café brewers also can use pods from the third party coffee-pod providers that are becoming more common on the Internet. A buyer of the Bunn machine probably should anticipate spending about $0.28 to $0.30 per pod.

Other Beverages

The My Café brewers tout a Pulse-Brew™technology for brewing teas. My Café brewer pod holders come in pairs, one for coffees, for example, and the other for teas, to prevent transfer of flavors.

Additionally, the My Café brewers dispense hot water for making hot chocolate or soups.

Dimension and Style

The Bunn My Café brewers weigh a little over 10 lbs. and stand 12 ½ inches high, 8 inches wide and 10¾ inches deep. They have a vaguely Flintstone retro-futuristic look, vase shaped, wide at the base, short around the middle, and then wider at the flat top. The control panel is located on the base just below the cup/brewing stand.

Notes and Other Features

The My Café brewers incorporate a thermo-block heating system that is designed to deliver water at a constant 200 degrees. The flexibility in the pod sizes it accepts and serving size/brew strength, together with its sturdy feel, no-hassle drawer-style pod holders and general simplicity of operation, have made it a favorite on Internet coffee blogs, chat rooms and review sites. An expensive choice, but our favorite among the current crop of single-serve machines that use paper pods.

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