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Melitta One:One MES2B

Built by the Salton Appliance Corporation, the Melitta One:One™( has a suggested retail price of $49.99 and currently can be found on the Internet at prices ranging from around the list $50 to $70. The One:One™is available in five colors: black, red, white, lime green and orange, providing more color options than its competitors, most of which lean toward appliance white or hi-tech black.

Reservoir Capacity and Serving Size

Removable 28 oz. water reservoir without water filter option. Brews coffee at two serving settings: 5 oz. or 8 oz.

Capsule/Pod Format

Of the 44mm, 55mm and 62mm diameter filter-paper pod formats currently available in the single-serve pod brewer market, the Melitta One:One™takes the smaller, less common 44mm-size.

Machine Quality and Ease of Use

Priming the machine is simple; I encountered no confusing directions or mishaps. The brewer is ready for use within 2-3 minutes, takes about 30-45 seconds to brew a cup, and appears sturdy.

The brewer's pod holder is located under its pointed top lid and is closed by pressing the lid straight down over the pod holder and then pushing in the lever located on the front of the lid, which should result in an audible "click" indicating that the lid is securely closed. Unfortunately, closing the lid and hearing that reassuring audible "click" takes some effort. Coffee pods have to be completely fitted (stuffed?), edges and all, into the pod holder to avoid leakage when brewing, so it's important that the lid be held down completely flat when securing it. However, the lid moves both forward and backward, as well as up and down, on springs that are always attempting to push it up.

It would seem this tricky lid problem might grow annoying, particularly if it's faced immediately after hauling oneself out of bed.

Range and Availability of Coffees

Melitta offers a limited assortment of coffees: a dark, medium and light roast, a decaf and two flavored coffees - hazelnut and vanilla. The brewer can be used with similarly sized filter paper formatted pods, but owing to the pod holder's 44mm size, the One:One can't brew the more widely available 62mm-sized sized pods intended for use with the Senseo and the Home Café lines of single-serve machines. True, some Internet sites report users managing to brew larger pods after stuffing them into the holder and standing over the machine manually holding the lid closed. OK … it's your coffee, your hand, and your kitchen counter.

Approximate cost for coffee pods for this brewer range from roughly $0.25 to $0.27 per pod. Third party coffee-pod providers are becoming more common on the Internet and tend to offer a wider variety of coffees to choose from, including some in the Melitta 44mm size.

Other Beverages

The Melitta One:One is also designed to brew teas in appropriately sized and formatted pods. Currently there are no specialty with-milk beverage pods available for brewing with the Melitta One:One.

Dimension and Style

Weighing 8 lbs. and standing 13 ½ inches high, 7 ½ inches wide and 10 inches deep, the brewer's retro-modern looking bullet/artillery shell shape makes it taller than it is wide, so it should fit easily on most kitchen countertops.

Notes and Other Features

As previously noted, the coffee pods need to be completely inserted into the pod holder (edges and all) to avoid leakage when brewing. In response to customer demand, Melitta will begin offering a pod holder that takes larger formatted pods for use on all of its existing and future brewers early in 2006. This option should make this simple, relatively sturdy, inexpensive machine considerably more attractive to coffee lovers by making the full range of podded coffees available to its owners.

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