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Kevin Knox

Specialty coffee and tea industry veteran Kevin Knox began his career at Boulder, Colorado's Allegro Coffee Company in 1980, where he was in charge of coffee roasting, tea blending and buying, and product education. In this position Kevin had the opportunity to apprentice with seasoned third-generation expert tasters, as well as beginning what would become a two-decades-long immersion in production coffee roasting on equipment ranging from sample roasters to 240 kilo Probats.

Kevin later moved to Seattle where he worked for Starbucks Coffee Company as their Coffee Specialist. In this capacity he evaluated coffee prior to purchase, established quality control standards, developed recipes and training procedures, evaluated brewing equipment, ?and was principal writer for the company, writing its product information brochures and founding its newsletter. Because of his lengthy background in tea tasting and production at Allegro, Kevin was also the tea buyer and production manager for Starbucks from 1987-1993.

Kevin became disenchanted with Starbucks' direction as it grew in size, and returned to Boulder to rejoin Allegro as its senior vice president and coffee buyer in late 1993. In this capacity he focused Allegro on great farm-designated coffees and sustainable agriculture, earning it the reputation as one of the finest, most product-driven and perfectionist roasters in the country. During his Allegro years Kevin traveled extensively to coffee farms throughout the world, served as expert taster and trainer at numerous industry functions, and wrote extensively on coffee for both Allegro publications and industry journals.

Long known as one of the most articulate speakers and writers in the coffee industry, Kevin publishing the highly-regarded book Coffee Basics (New York: John Wiley & Sons) in 1997.

Kevin left Allegro in July 2002. He now works as a coffee and tea consultant for companies who share the passionate commitment to quality that has been the driving force of his career.