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Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer learned about coffee and tea the best and most traditional way: by apprenticeship. He started his career by training under the coffee and tea buyer for ChockFull 'o Nuts at their Cain's Coffee production facility in Okalahoma City, learning both cupping and blending. He also worked closely with the quality assurance department at Cain's /Chock Full 'o Nuts, eventually taking on the role of Quality Assurance Assistant Manager.

In 1999 he accepted a position at Neighbors Coffee in Oklahoma City as Product Development and Quality Assurance Manager. He cups and purchases all incoming green coffee for Neighbors' extensive product list, which is shipped to all fifty states. As Quality Assurance Manager, Chris is responsible for consistency, cupping, and continuous quality improvement of coffee purchasing and production. As Product Development Manager he oversees green coffee roasting and blend specifications as well as the flavor profiles of teas and other beverages.