Charitable Initiatives

Coffee Review is pleased to contribute to the following charitable organizations that support coffee growing communities around the world:

Grounds for HealthThe sustainability of the world’s highest quality coffee relies in part on the stability of the workforce. 70% of specialty coffee is picked and sorted by women. Since 1996, Grounds for Health has partnered with coffee growing communities to develop sustainable and cost effective programs for the prevention of cervical cancer – the #1 cause of cancer death for women in the developing world, though it is 100% preventable.The knowledge and tools exist today to eliminate cervical cancer deaths even in the poorest countries. Your support protects the supply of coffee. Moreover, it saves the lives of the women coffee farmers.

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Coffee Kids
Coffee Kids is a nonprofit development organization dedicated to improving the lives and livelihoods of coffee farming families. Founded in the United States in 1988, the organization works closely with partners in coffee growing communities to create community based programs that respect the values, cultural integrity and ingenuity of the communities.Coffee Kids supports projects in economic diversification, education, food security, capacity building and health care throughout Latin America. Projects encourage respect for the environment and an understanding of the importance of economic diversity. All projects center on the wellbeing of households, families and communities.
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