2015 Coffee Review Cupping Calendar

At the beginning of each month, we publish a new tasting report with reviews. The planned calendar for 2015 tasting reports is shown below. The schedule is subject to change. Professional roasters are encouraged to nominate their own coffees.

The window during which we accept coffees for these review articles is usually the tenth day through the twentieth day of the month prior to publication. For example, we plan to test coffees for the May article during the period April 10 through 20.

However, professional travel or other distractions may lead to modifications of the 10th through 20th schedule, so we ask that all roasters submitting coffees for a given article first query Kim Westerman at Kim@CoffeeReview.com before sending their coffees. For technical coffee-related questions, contact Jason Sarley at Jason@CoffeeReview.com.

Nominate a Coffee


Issue Topic Submission Window
January Top 30 Coffees of 2014
February The New World of K-Cups and Competitors Through January 15
March Macro-lot Single-Origin Coffees (Lots of 100+ bags) February 10-20
April Wet-Hulled Coffees of Indonesia and East Timor, Sumatra March 10-20
May Open-Source Espresso Blends March 25 – April 7
June Benchmarking Starbucks Reserve No nominations
July Blends Composed of Two or More Origins June 20-26
August Decaffeinated Coffees for Brewed Applications July 10-20
September Coffees of Kenya August 10-20
October Traditional Central America Coffees (washed process only, no Geshas) September 10-20
November Fair Trade Certified Coffees October 10-20
December Seasonal Offerings for the Holidays
November 10-20
January 2016  Top 30 Coffees of 2015 No nominations