2017 Coffee Review Cupping Calendar

At the beginning of each month, we publish a new tasting report with reviews. The planned calendar for 2017 tasting reports is shown below. The schedule is subject to change.

The window during which we accept coffees for these review articles is usually the fifth day through the twentieth day of the month prior to publication. For example, we plan to test coffees for the May article during the period April 5 through 20.

However, professional travel or other distractions may lead to modifications of the 5th through 20th schedule, so we ask that all roasters submitting coffees for a given article first query Kim Westerman at Kim@CoffeeReview.com before sending their coffees. For technical coffee-related questions, contact Jason Sarley at Jason@CoffeeReview.com.


Issue Topic Submission Window
January Top 30 Coffees of 2016  No submissions
February Coffees from New Roasting Companies (roasting companies opened over the past five years) January 5-20
March Coffee Roasters from the Southwest: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas February 5-20
April Product Report: Latest Tweaks and Innovations in French Press Brewers No submissions
May Post-Processing Innovations and Traditions (cask-conditioning and similar innovations; traditional aging and monsooning) April 5-20
June Coffees from Women-Led Producers May 5-20
July Product Report: Topic to be Determined No submissions
August Darker Roasted Coffees (roasted to or into the second crack) July 5-20
September The Gesha Phenomenon Revisited: Coffees from Trees of the Gesha Variety August 5-20
October Coffees of Nicaragua September 5-20
November Organic Certified Coffees of Africa October 1-15
December Holiday Coffees 2017 November 5-15
January 2018  Top 30 Coffees of 2017 No submissions