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Howard Bryman is a Portland, Oregon-based freelance journalist who focuses on the specialty coffee industry, which he has either worked in or written about coffee for the past 10 years. He is the associate editor of Roast Magazine's Daily Coffee News website, and an occasional contributor to the print magazine as well. With experience as a barista, manager, roaster's apprentice, origin tourist and equipment tinkerer, Bryman's fascination with specialty coffee's tools, trends and challenges is matched only by his enthusiasm for the beverage itself.

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Equipment Report: Five French Presses Tested and Rated

Equipment Report: Five French Presses Tested and Rated

For this survey of French presses, we selected a representative cross-section of widely available units from this popular brewer category. We tested one example for each of five key sub-categories: a classic model (Bodum Chambord), a budget-friendly option (Mr. Coffee Coffee Press), a high-tech addition to the market (KitchenAid Precision Press), a technically refined premium […]

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