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A Focus on the Classic: Coffees of Honduras - August 2013
By Kenneth Davids; Reviews by Kenneth Davids with Jason Sarley
With this review of coffees from Honduras the excitement may reside more in the story than in the cup itself. The story is how this Central American nation, long considered mainly a source of low-to-decent quality, commercial-grade coffees, has stepped up over the past five years or so and is producing significantly better coffees and more of them. Of the eighteen Honduras coffees we were able to source for this article, exactly half attracted ratings of 90 or better, an impressive showing. ...
Single-Variety Coffees: Aficionado Fun - December 2011
By Kenneth Davids; Reviews by Kenneth Davids with Justin Johnson
This month’s reviews give consumers an opportunity to sample fourteen retail-roasted coffees that express a range of the cup character associated with specific botanical varieties of Coffea Arabica. The Arabica species, of course, produces virtually all of the world’s finest coffees. But within that species hundreds of distinct commercial varieties have developed. Coffea arabica is largely self-pollinating, so these varieties have considerable stability over time. Some are widely planted across the coffee world, others are only grown locally, and still others exist...
Prize-Winning Coffees from Latin America - December 2010
By Kenneth Davids; Reviews by Wendy De Jong and Kenneth Davids
The story this month may be more about what’s not reviewed here than what is. As in years past, we planned a review of competition-winning green coffees offered to North American consumers. These competitions are events "during which a jury of international cuppers spends several well-caffeinated days slurping, spitting and obsessing over a gradually narrowing group of fine coffees from a given growing country," to quote an earlier Coffee Review article. The most prestigious of these green coffee competitions are mounted by...
Quality and Fair Trade Certified Coffees - November 2009
By Kenneth Davids; reviews by Kenneth Davids and Ted Stachura
Fair Trade certification has been on a bit of roll of late, steadily expanding both at origin and in the marketplace. Its producer programs have extended from their original base in Central America to more far-flung origins like Ethiopia and Sumatra. Fair Trade certified coffees are now sold in volume in at least one big box store, Sam's Club, and show up in smaller quantities at Target. Meanwhile, newer smaller roasters continue to make Fair Trade, bundled with organic certification, their main...
Unassuming Beauty: Coffees of El Salvador and Honduras - November 2008
By Kenneth Davids; reviews by Kenneth Davids and Ted Stachura
Leaders of El Salvador's growing specialty coffee sector are quick to point out what they feel are the particular strengths of their origin. First, large plantings of coffee varieties particularly respected for their flavor and character, and second, generally impeccable preparation of those varieties. This month's cupping of nearly thirty El Salvador coffees from twenty-two American specialty roasters seems to support this confidence. The best of these coffees display both a quiet distinctiveness (presumably reflecting distinguished botanical variety) and clarity of profile...
Not for Beginners: Prize-Winning Latin American Coffees 2005 - October 2005
By Kenneth Davids
The eleven coffees reviewed this month are all prize winners from the various green coffee competitions that took place earlier this year across Central and South America. These competitions, during which a jury of international cuppers spends several well-caffeinated days slurping, spitting and obsessing over a gradually narrowing group of fine coffees from a given growing country, have become a permanent and important feature of the contemporary fine coffee scene. For more detail on the history and value of such competitions for...
Prize-Winning Central American Coffees from the Cup of Excellence - November 2004
By Kenneth Davids
Competitions aimed at finding and rewarding the best green coffees from a given country and crop have proven to be one of the great success stories in the recent history of coffee. The farmers whose coffees prevail in these juried competitions receive recognition and significantly higher prices, while aficionado consumers are rewarded with access to refined lots of exceptional coffees that otherwise might be lost in the great sea of decent-but-not-great beans flowing through normal channels to our cups and kitchens. This...
Raising Coffee Consciousness: The Cup of Excellence and Green Coffee Competitions - November 2004
By Kenneth Davids
Competitions in which international juries of coffee buyers and roasters gather to choose the best green coffees from the latest crop from a given country is not an entirely new idea, but in recent years it has taken on a new importance, bolstered by the capacity of the Internet to provide a medium for competitive bidding for the winning coffees from roasters and dealers worldwide. Cup Of Excellence competition/auctions work like this: first an in-country jury cups, or systematically tastes, around...
Nicaragua: Sweet, Round and Progressive - August 2004
By Kenneth Davids
Nicaragua is simultaneously a rising star of Central American coffee and a poster child for what's gone wrong with coffee generally over the past few years -- the enormous suffering and social dislocation caused by the recent drop in green coffee prices. I suspect these entwined roles as emerging success story and prominent victim both are owing to the early and persistent attention Nicaragua has attracted from aid agencies and coffee idealists owing to its dramatic Cold War history and consequent late...
The El Salvador and Honduras Adventure - July 2003
By Kenneth Davids
For those coffee adventurers who take more pleasure in defining the unknown than in confirming the known, the coffees of El Salvador and Honduras offer intriguing opportunity. These two origins are the last of the six Spanish-speaking Central American countries to establish clear identities in the world of specialty coffee, yet both produce plenty of coffee, and, if this month's cupping is any indication, some very interesting and distinctive coffees. Guatemala and Costa Rica are, of course, the best-known Central American specialty coffee...
Coffee Growers and the Farm-to-Consumer Shortcut - July 2003
By Kenneth Davids
Doubtless many coffee growers and exporters watch with dismay and perhaps a sense of betrayal as green coffee prices fall to historical lows while retail coffee prices stay about the same. To be explicit, consumers are now paying only a little less now than they did a couple of years ago for roasted coffee, while most growers are paid much, much less than they were back then. For most observers, the issue is not that roasted coffee is overpriced, but that the...
Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras - December 2001
By Kenneth Davids
When we travel the symbolic roads of specialty coffee south through Mexico and Central America, two origins straddle those roads like overachieving giants: Guatemala and Costa Rica. The other coffee origins of the region - Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama - make far less frequent appearances on specialty menus, although Mexico and Nicaragua in particular supply several distinguished organic and Fair-Trade coffees, and Panama's Boquete region has had some success positioning itself as an elite origin. What would I receive if I...
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